Govee Smart Thermo-Hygrometer H5075


Govee Smart Thermo-Hygrometer H5075

Govee Bluetooth Hygrometer Thermometer H5075

Monitor the temperature and humidity of any indoor space using the Govee Hygrometer Thermometer. Stay on track with your temperature and humidity data at any time.

Smart Features: Remote monitoring and temp humidity graphs. Our humidity meters are reliable and easy to use for homes, greenhouses, and more.

High Accuracy: With the Swiss-made smart hygrometer sensor, the temperature is accurate up to ±0.32℃ while the humidity is ±3%RH, a 40% increase.

Upgraded Display: The room humidity gauge is easy to read with a 3-inch bright LCD screen with large numbers.

Smart App Alerts: Know when presets are out of range instantly, even when you're not beside the device.

Free Data Storage: The 20-day curve graphs provide a clear data-changing track. You can export data from the past 2 years and convert it to a CSV format.